“When the senses are stalled, when the mind is at rest, when the intellect wavers not– that, say the wise, is the highest state.  This calm of the senses and the mind has been defined as yoga.  One who attains it is freed from delusion. ” -Katha Upanishad

I TEACH PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SESSIONS THROUGHOUT LOS ANGELES- Join me for a class!  Email me for rates and scheduling. 

Public Class Schedule

MONDAY- Liberation Yoga 8pm

TUESDAY- Yoga Salt 12pm

WEDNESDAY- Liberation Yoga 6:30pm

THURSDAY- Yoga Salt 12pm

FRIDAY- Red Diamond Yoga 10:30am

FRIDAY- Yogis Anonymous 4pm

SATURDAY- Liberation 10am

Practice with me online www.yogisanonymous.com

I have over 100 online classes to choose from and more are added each week. Perfect for home practice, travel, or those busy weeks you can’t make it to class! Only $15 a month for unlimited access.











Email me for information on Private and Corporate Classes

Private Sessions are my specialty!  If you are looking for a yoga class in the convenience of your own home, or are looking to fine tune your practice, one on one sessions are the best way to achieve results.  Perfect for those who are looking to deepen their understanding of yoga asana, philosophy and spirituality.  I have over eight years of experience with in depth private sessions and lead many clients privately in person and via Skype each week.  I provide beginner, intermediate and advanced yoga sessions along with meditation and yoga for fertility.  Book your session today!